Love will replace the Hollow Dreams

Love will replace the Hollow Dreams

I bring to you a small piece on what i feel waking up this Independence Day.

Undoubtedly , every citizen of India feels a sense of anger and hatred when we remember the Independence Day and the fight for our independence Day.

But have we men , really deserved the same.

Have we really cured ourselves out of the British hands to live a better world and to enjoy what was dreamed to be a Happy World.

God’s greatest creation or rather the most dangerous creation, Men, have from time to time fought and proven to the world that how selfish we are. That , how, for just our self benefit we have done harm to the world and to our fellow brothers, MEN.

But, I , a citizen of India, but first a member of the world, bring to you a poem that denotes , how cruel men were and how we fought and ruled and blamed each other, to how we change ourselves and promise to be ONE forever and spread Love and Care and Brotherhood and not just celebrate our individual Independence Days, but celebrate a day where the entire world is Independent, where every man is equal and has a right to live his life INDEPENDENTLY.

Happy Independence Day.

Love will replace the Hollow Dreams

The night will break and shower its shine,

there will be love of you and mine!

The sky will run to meet the earth,

there will be an answer to every birth!

The time will break the wrist and leave our hands,

the poor will have power , the needy commands!

The dawn will fill the hopeless dreams,

when love will replace the hollow screams!!!


When swords will brown and lose the shine,

and kiss of the eyes will feel divine!

When the sky will be blue and nights will be bright,

and men will think and fear to fight!

Cause men have tried and died in the end,

to teach all lessons to teach them to bend!


The fire will lit and heart will pray,

every man will join and be fearless to say!

That we are the Men, who did it all,

we were the reasons for our dreadfull fall!

We were the ones who fought with Men,

but there is difference in now and then!


We rise from the ashes that cool in the rain,

to love one another and to LIVE again!

We smile even wider and care every bone,

we still worship the Creator, we worship the Stone!


And now that the night has showered its shine,

there is all love of you and mine!

The sky and the earth are forever together,

every birth and every men has got its answer!

The time has come back and hugged our hand,

there is no poor, no one to command!

And Now, the dawn always sees only beautiful dreams,

There is only love and love that screams!!!

– Siddharth Khetan