Love Sorrowed

At Times
There are few times in life as rough
As when we fight and then argue
There is a time in life that’s tough
And that’s when I can’t be with you
During these moments of heartbreak
I hope that you still love me too
For I am real, make no mistake
Always true love prevails through
You know, sometimes it’s gonna rain
And there is nothing you can do
Sometimes you have to feel the pain
To know that what you have is true.
Facepoet by Michael Hodder
Uh Oh… Here it comes. That inevitable fall. The loss of a loved one can occur in numerous ways whether they become deceased physically, emotionally or spiritually. If you’re fortunate enough to experience all of these many times over, which in the moment may not seem so fortunate, they will increase your experience and comprehension of the next chapter “Love Lent”.
Before we get ahead of ourselves though let’s take the time that we need to grieve and process the situation at hand. Cry, scream, care and share. Laugh, remember, forgive and live. It is important to keep breathing during this period of devastation, as simple as that may sound, but to deny and withhold you of yourself is something you should not allow the world to condition you to do.
You don’t need to remain in this state forever but you must give yourself every opportunity to explore it fully to be able to move on. Life goes on for others with or without you however understanding yourself can help you better deal with and understand others. For happiness to exist and be fully appreciated we must recognize and know the existence of it’s opposite. Only once learned and sorrowed can we lend love unconditionally like our infant selves prior to our childhood programming.
Our lessons will continue to repeat until everything we have learned has also been unlearned. This in essence is the beauty of duality and acknowledgement of oneness is to be your whole. So cry today and laugh tomorrow or vice versa. Living to let live is the ultimate forgiveness that you can give not only to yourself but others also.

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