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Love In Every Way

Love In Every Way

Why is that everything has to do with love?

We all know that we may not need love to survive. It’s not oxygen, it’s just a feeling. And when it comes to feelings, we keep telling ourselves we have lots of them.

But, are we right or wrong?

I mean, don’t you think it’s better if everything we do, we do it with love?

We may not notice it, but love is in every thing we do.

When you give a kiss, you give it with love. When you hug someone, you do it with love. When you invite your best friend to eat, you do it with love. It’s just that for every thing we do, love is measured in different ways.

You can’t compare the love you feel when you are next to the person you like the most, to the love you get when you see your pet. I know it may sound weird, but in both cases, love is present.

I’m a faith defender that love is the only thing that makes us complete. That it leads you to better ways. That can truly give you happiness. Because when you give love, you are giving little pieces of yourself to your most beloved ones. You are sharing parts of yourself.

And that is true affection. In best cases, real love.

Because everything is better when you do it with love.