Love Doesn’t Lash Out In Anger

Love Doesnt Lash Out In Anger

Love doesn’t lash out in anger. If they don’t care enough to guard their tongue, they’re not responsible enough to love. Love doesn’t shut down and closeout. Love isn’t a deserter, love is a fighter, it’s a protector. Don’t confuse strong emotion for love, love isn’t just feeling. Love is when feeling and action walk harmoniously. You thought that other stuff was “Love” because you didn’t know any better. It wasn’t love if it made you feel inadequate, rejected, and unappreciated. You have to realize that people love based on their capacity. Some people have a pint, others a litre, some a gallon. And…
“You can’t expect a pint person to love at a gallon level”. Understanding that you get how it’s so easy for people who are full of pride, anger and fear to walk away; its because they only have limited room for Love. And if you’re somebody that has limited room for Love, my life has limited room for you. No hard feelings, I’ve just been through enough to know my threshold. I need that fulfilling, challenging, spontaneous, overflowing with passion kind of Love, and if it isn’t that, I know it’s not for due.
– @R0bHillSr,

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