Knowledge Empowers Progress

Knowledge Empowers Progress
Manish Balwani

Knowledge empowers progress!


Barbara Bauer

A book will take you places.


Rinku Shah

A book helps me flee,
When I’m tired of what I see.
My perfect escape,
A book of any size and shape!


Ankit Pandey

Knowledge gives you legs
to move on towards better tomorrow.


Karen MacLeod

Slow the pace in the onwards race
of your life story
or you may lose a few pages of glory.
Take a breath halfway through
and let us read the best parts of you
before you reach The End.


Philipp Manuel Palaña Lara

Each step you take
in this path of learning,
Will brings you closer
to a destination,
beyond any author's imagination.


Sulekha Pande

Marching ahead,
to faraway lands,
you see, my books,
are, my best friends...


Sherry Greene

There are few things as fine
as taking a nice, long, refreshing walk
through a book's pages!


Katherine Harris

Knowledge will
take you everywhere


Iris Nguyen

Let books take you
round the world


Happy Honey

Run the race of life
with the wisdom of books

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