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It was impossible to survive, Only love could help us revive

Rinku Shah 

It was impossible to survive,
Only love could help us revive.
Breathing had become a task,
Love as oxygen pumped in the mask.
Making life a liveable course
Love is undeniably the most powerful force!

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Karthik Parthasarathy 

We didn’t need anything else
Just needed each other’s love pulse
Or that’s what we thought

Over time, we forgot
My exhale can never be 
your inhale,

It is that basic
Even if it is love, 

it could prove toxic.

Anna Marie Brown 

Life and people are very toxic. 
Wearing masks to keep toxins out of my heart. 
Thriving on our love for each other

Sherry Greene 

your love is the air I breathe.

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Debra L Laing 

We intoxicate each other!

Debra Pry 

Your love Is like oxygen to me, 
with every breath I take..
I feel my heart sync 

more into your soul.

Diksha Bee 

The love that keeps us alive!

Dru Sample 

I breathe you in, 
I breathe Us out.

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Diksha Bee 

Love survives in a toxic world

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