Inner Child Wounds


Abandonment Wound
– Feels “left out”
– Fears being left
– Hates being alone
– Co-dependent
– Threatens to leave
– Normally attracts emotionally unavailable people

Guilt Wound
– Feels “sorry” or “bad”
– Doesn’t like to ask for things
– Uses guilt to manipulate
– Is afraid to set boundaries
– Normally attracts people who make them feel guilty

Trust Wound
– Is afraid to be hurt
– Doesn’t trust themselves
– Finds ways to not trust people
– Feels insecure and needs lots of external validation
– Doesn’t feel safe
– Normally attracts people who don’t feel safe

Neglect Wound
– Struggles to let things go
– Has low self-worth
– Gets angry easily
– Struggles to say “no”
– Represses emotions
– Fears being vulnerable
– Normally attracts people
who don’t appreciate them or make them feel “seen”

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