If One Day, I Had An Accident And I Lost My Memory


If One Day, I Had An Accident And I Lost My Memory

If one day, I had an
accident and lost my
memory, how are you
gonna make me
remember you?

139 responses to “If One Day, I Had An Accident And I Lost My Memory”

  1. Aiza Anjum Avatar

    Kese Imran Thala

  2. Steve Baker Avatar

    How could you ever forget…!

  3. Uneza Yasmeen Avatar

    Amreen Khan

    1. Amreen Khan Avatar

      I’ll tell u abt dat incident Wich hppnd recently.. ull den remember everything

  4. Barbara Dawid Avatar

    We all forgot who we are…..how can we help any one remember who they are if we don’t even know who we are?????

    1. Surabhi Singhal Avatar

      Sahi beta sahi .

  5. Wiam Akhlij Avatar

    Yousra Yasmine Imane how

    1. Wiam Akhlij Avatar


  6. Salma Lahbiss Avatar

    Othmane Tazi Rajae Kriem ra wakha nfqed dakora maghadich nsa bli rajae 3arda 3lina

    1. Rajae Kriem Avatar

      HHHHHHHHHHHHHH hi nssay a khti stp

    2. Salma Lahbiss Avatar

      Yarbi tvalidi a khti Rajae

  7. Gloria Sanchez Avatar

    By reintroducing my self and continue to love and nuture you.

  8. Didi Kheireddine Avatar

    Si tu m’oublie j’me suicide Mdr

  9. Sudha Yaduvanshi Avatar

    Mayank Gupta bta ab

  10. Marijana Jela Avatar

    Natasa Popovic

  11. Yogesh S Bagratee Avatar

    I’ll help you remember yourself..

  12. Harrison Poe Avatar

    Hey there. Not sure if you remember, but you owe me 10 dollars.

  13. Maria Garamanokian Avatar

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha gamin hahahahahaahaahahahahaaahahaha

  14. Ayse Kahya Avatar

    El Bimo je t’aurais ressorti tous les screens-photos-dossiers perdu au fin fond de mon pc depuis 3 siècles hahahaha

    1. El Bimo Avatar

      Arrête ^^^ jpref encore oublié pour tjr que de me rappeler de ça…

  15. Georgia Giannakopoulou Avatar

    Mεγαλο θεμα! 🙂

  16. Yomi Suan Avatar

    Louie Lanipga

    1. Louie Lanipga Avatar

      I don’t know and i don’t care, talk to my lawyer!

    2. Yomi Suan Avatar

      Kaingon kog friends ta sus sayang sayang ra kog tag! Kbye!

  17. Reva Bhagwat Avatar

    Atharva Sathe?

  18. Issa Mendoza Avatar

    Slap you really hard!

  19. Mahesh Lohith K S Avatar

    Another accident – and – is +… LOL

  20. Akash Akki Avatar

    Yrrr tujhe sb pehele se kese pta chl jaata h main yhi krunga ab

  21. Anjali Mishra Avatar

    Bhuvana NarasimhaMurthy how??

    1. Bhuvana NarasimhaMurthy Avatar

      I’ll introduce myself to you. I’ll tell you about the days which we spent together.. And I’ll continue to do what i used to do before…. And much more….

    2. Bhuvana NarasimhaMurthy Avatar

      Hope that day never comes… And u never loss your memory…

    1. Hannah Fretwell Avatar

      Take you to the pub

  22. Aam Iyyan Avatar

    I will love, care and treat you well the way I used to. I will make you remember me, if not I hope to restart and create new happy memories with you.

  23. Ashley Joanna Sall Avatar

    Małgorzata Wydmuch ?

  24. Nikayla Pritchard Avatar

    Natty Cee wahhh wahhh wahhh ouiiiiiiii looooo looooo

  25. Yashraj Mourya Avatar

    First of all…who are you..i don’t remeber you

  26. Vallabhi Goel Avatar

    Khushmeet Kaur?? How

  27. Laura Hakala Avatar

    Feelings and reintroduce self

  28. Sab Eena Avatar

    Niruta Lagoon??

    1. Sab Eena Avatar

      Check your inbox talu

    2. Sab Eena Avatar

      Check your inbox talu

  29. Neha Sayal Avatar

    Ajiii ghanta… Bolega tu meri lugai hai lets get married.

  30. Akash Akki Avatar

    By being there and making new memory…

  31. Dion Castle Avatar

    If I can’t figure out a way then I will have to create more memories I guess.

  32. Vincent Elphick Avatar

    I’d pretend not to know you…

  33. Zander Alexander Avatar

    This happened to me so that’s kinda not a joking natter from personal experience

  34. Zestyami Smartz Avatar

    Memory lost for him.. Would be just a kid born to learn things newly… So I will be just a teacher.. Guide.. A mother to make him learn about things he is related to.. If gets remembrance.. I will be his family ..other wise a friend making things easy for him .

  35. Rohini Bhardwaj Avatar

    Laxmi Singh Sardar

    1. Laxmi Singh Sardar Avatar

      Kya karegi yaad kr k hum toh tumko bolenge tera koi ghr nai h tu rasta me soti thi…

    2. Laxmi Singh Sardar Avatar

      Kya karegi yaad kr k hum toh tumko bolenge tera koi ghr nai h tu rasta me soti thi…

    3. Rohini Bhardwaj Avatar

      Waahhh!!!…ab tum ye v experience kraa do mko!!!

    4. Laxmi Singh Sardar Avatar

      Hehehhehe yaad kr k kya kregi

  36. Vera B Cazis Avatar

    i think it doesn’t matter anymore, since you already lost your memory

  37. Nic Ola Avatar

    By hugging you and not letting go when you pull away. Maybe hula hooping lol

  38. Anjali Parekh Avatar

    By recreating that memories

  39. Abdulaziz Al Ali Avatar

    Over a cup of coffee my nigga

  40. Sa Brina Avatar

    If I lost my memory, nothing can make me remember you, because the memory is lost.

  41. Vince Frederick Estrada Dulay Avatar

    Start all over again! Making better memories worth remembering

  42. Mira Benachour Avatar

    I’ll just continue to do what i used to do with you, and treat you the way i used to. I’ll just be me, with a try to awake some memories. And if it doesn’t work, well you we would restart from 0 and create new ones

  43. Geadhan Molla Avatar

    Omg Hamir Somar…

  44. Hamir Somar Avatar

    Geadhan Molla

  45. Adelia Leonita Chiallagant Avatar

    I will slap you on the face ‘yow, you wake up!!’

  46. Poonam Saahni Avatar

    Mar q ni jate tum hahahah

  47. Vani Verma Avatar

    Aarushi Daima Isha Sharma btao

  48. Manda Christensen Avatar

    David Schirmer ??

  49. Mishka Dhani Avatar

    Sagel Pillay ?

    1. Mishka Dhani Avatar

      You never fail to amaze me ❤

    2. Mishka Dhani Avatar

      You never fail to amaze me ❤

  50. Alisha Ranka Avatar

    Shalini Bardhan

    1. Ashif Sheriff Avatar

      If this ever happens, why do you think I’ll remind you that we were friends?

    2. Shalini Bardhan Avatar

      Alisha Ranka : Tumhare Jo yeh million pair of shoes hai na.. sab saamne rakh k bolungi..Dekho Ms Alisha, they are all mine. And am sure..tujhe woh jhatke mein menory wapis ajayegi

  51. Alisha Ranka Avatar

    Ashif Sheriff

  52. Tracy Watton Avatar

    Play 80s music and dress up 80s style

  53. Mayank Gupta Avatar

    I might be delusional,
    But I guess other than ma mom dad and ma brother,
    No one’s gonna give a fuck…

  54. Loay Mansour Avatar

    You shouldn’t remember everything dude..
    Some people wish to lose their memories!

  55. Aswin Sudheer Avatar

    By showing a photo along with you

  56. Amar Lama Avatar

    I’m gonna pretend like I don’t ever know him
    But always be bye his side and support him
    I’m gonna loose my memory

  57. Teresa Maria Avatar

    Gina Manriquez I’ll keep showing you funny memes

  58. Michelle Levenstein Avatar

    I would say, remember when we waterskied together?

  59. France Quiño Avatar

    I’m gonna hit your head on the wall so you can remember me again.

  60. Xocol Ocetlotl Avatar

    It doesn’t matter if you remember me will just start having fun again

  61. Yerrica Cardosh Avatar

    I will hug and kiss… like I always do …

  62. Jared Cook Avatar

    By introducing myself and waiting a day or so before asking if you remember me. If I get a yes then I assume everything is a-ok and I go about my way.

    1. Olga Tk Avatar

      Papse pia :p

  63. Saffiya Ibrahim Avatar

    “I know this is rotten timing, but about that ten thousand I loaned you…”

  64. Suriya Muthuraj Avatar

    Don Jackson Prabhu question to you ..

  65. Aaron Rhyz Avatar

    I’ll slap you and say,,
    Ooi fuckhead it’s me
    Yo mate

  66. Tayla Dick Avatar

    Sam Williams?

  67. Ashley Short Avatar

    Gary Doss Yardley II Nade

  68. Angela Clay Avatar

    introduce myself to you again

  69. Ma Amorette Remolador Gollaba Avatar

    Unsaon yhum? Hehe Marlon Salas Petagara

  70. Hazerah Miah Avatar

    Rema Aktar Jamz Rahman ???

  71. Catherine McCrum Avatar

    Can’t make you, you and I have never met!

  72. Devan Hoang Avatar

    I will kiss you like no other ever kissed you before

  73. Ed Noel De Leon Avatar

    I’ll hold your hand, place it in my chest, let you feel every pound of my heart and say our minds may forget each other but our hearts wouldn’t. I love you

  74. Liz Roman Avatar

    Pictures & Videos of all our memories that where captured.

  75. Pam Schaffer Avatar

    By being there and making new memories

  76. Adrienne Punongbayan Avatar

    It’s already gone. Im fuked lol

  77. Lk Gott Avatar

    My lawyer or someone from team would remind me! Lol.

  78. Caitlin Mavroleon Avatar

    I would start again with ‘Hello’ and go from there

  79. Debra Pry Avatar

    Sing our favorite song.

  80. Elisabeth Kas Avatar

    Odd question, let us hope it never happens

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