I Was Obsessed With “Picture Perfect”

i was obsessed with picture perfect

I was obsessed with “picture perfect”,
I searched the world inside and out, For a single moment I could say, Is what life’s all about, My life was viewed through lenses, My camera a medal worn with pride, I thought it held the moments, That I’d always keep inside, But looking back at photos, I can’t remember how I felt, The noises that the world made, Or the way the warm air smelt, I don’t remember how the day was, If it was going good or bad, I’ve just a snapshot of a moment, That nobody even had, So I gave away my camera, And now use my eyes instead, To take photos for the scrapbook, That I’ve made inside my head, I always thought my photos, Were ways to make my moments last, But you remember life much better, When you don’t view it all through glass.

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