I Reach To You As Parts Of Me Drift Away

I reach to you as parts of me drift away.
Kimberly Owens


I reach to you as parts of me drift away.
You ignore me thinking that i’ll always stay.
I can’t keep begging you to turn around.
I’ll fly away, nothing to be found.
The darkness and silence to much to bare.
I feel it in my soul you’re no longer there.


Madison Jade


As she frees his demons, 
he follows her in true vulnerability 
to free himself. 
Free himself of the walls 
he so created out of love. 
He is no longer afraid, 
he is in love and will risk anything 
to love and protect her, 
even if it means losing himself. 


Rinku Shah


Love did not betray,
You decided to look away.
I reached out,
Left no space for doubt.
Give me another chance
One more glance!
Sulekha Pande


I release my past,
I let all the demons fly,
now I want a fresh start with you,
I reach you in hope,
honey, let’s give it,
a try..


Noor Fatima


You said 
you couldn’t make it anymore,
You felt suffocated,
& bounded
Now, i have set everthing free,
opened all the cages
Please come back to me!


Andrea Morgan


Please turn around, 
don’t push me away. 
See how much I love you 
before there’s nothing left 
of me to stay. 
Donnie Davis


Now all that’s left 
for anyone to see🎶is the half uh man
that you made – Of me


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