I no longer allow people to cause chaos in my life

This life is the only thing that is truly mine. I will make the most of it. As per me

75 thoughts on “I no longer allow people to cause chaos in my life”

  1. Absolutely true! It is what really being FREE is worth to me. Freedom is not so much about money, people who make it or have it have to comply with what terms it takes to keep it or spend it. There is no more wonderful feeling than working in your own authenticity, breathing in your own truth and absolutely disallowing the chaos of others or their drama to be part of your existence. The price for peace and tranquility being far more valuable than monetary security. It spends better and can last longer and provide such joy!

  2. I've learned that people will come and go in your life.. And some will create chaos and some teach you lessons..thank them both for teaching that you deserve inner peace <3

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