I Never Knew The Meaning Of The Word Love Until I Met You

I Never Knew The Meaning Of The Word Love Until I Met You

Loving you, just like in writing when I get a loving gratitude from the readers, I have also come to feel even more love in return. My ability to love is so intense. My willingness to continue being brave. I know, I want to experience love with the one I love the most and be the reason of his happiness. Love as I know, will require great emotional courage, stubborn perseverance and uninterrupted faith.

I know that sometimes I feel so lost and I’m not sure where I’m heading to and you’re always there to guide me and that makes me feel really safe. Sometimes, I feel so tired and wonder if I should even have started the journey in the first place and you let me realized I’m not alone in every step of the way because I have you, filling those spaces that lie between my fingers. Yes, I spent all my life loving: giving my love to you, never giving up on you, learning the ways of love, and never turning away from you. I thank you for embracing that sincerity of love. And loving you, is the best thing I have ever did in my life and the only right thing I have done!

To you, these are the words I want to tell you in a soft rustling sound like the whisper of leaves in the wind during autumnal equinox.

Thank for you for loving me. You care enough to really see who I am. That when I start talking, you always look into my eyes and have your mind following my words. Without you, my life would be less than full, less than complete, less than all there is!

You’re the reason I get up every morning and that brief moment during the day is when I used to recognize and care the exquisite beauty in something- everything, the color of the sky in the morning when the birds begin their morning call while the gorgeous red hues of sunrise crossing over the horizon; the crisp cold scent of the earth; the color of a wildflower growing in a hedgerow or when the sky is blue, filled with puff-ball white clouds. And you taught me to be grateful then enjoy that happiness each moment. Yes, what we have shared each time are volcanoes of burning passion and islands of calmness.

Thank you for not leaving me- for staying. I knew that at times, I was not that so lovable and instead of running away from me, you’re patiently looking into my eyes with so much love. I’ve always loved that forehead kiss you’re giving me each time I looked like a grumpy cat. An immeasurable thank you…for your lovely presence even when it’s not convenient.

You disappoint me at times for being forgetful when it comes to important dates on the calendar and with that lovely kiss on my hand, is how you always apologized. You let me realized that being forgetful once in a while wasn’t all that bad. And there is always a way to make up- a cup of coffee, an ice cream sandwich cone or just a quick kiss on my neck…

Thank you for coming into my life. You are the reason I look forward to each new day that comes.

You never let me fall into an abyss of loneliness even once. You see…you seemed like a magician in front of me when I’m sad, waving a magic wand then everything is fine. I never knew the meaning of the word LOVE until I met you!

Thank you… that even when you’re away, I never feel your absence. You always make a way not to be missed when I close my eyes to sleep at night and when I wake up the next day or even in between you’re holding me in my dream. You always seemed present in the fine warmth of a soft blanket on a chilly midnight.

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