I Like Deep Thinkers

I Like Deep Thinkers

I like deep thinkers.
I don’t like to have
normal conversations with people.
I love learning about
what makes them who they are.
Their thoughts. Views.
Who is important to them.
What is important to them.
Let me pick your brain.

26 thoughts on “I Like Deep Thinkers”

  1. Avatar of Luciana Alioto

    I like to learn it. Always. It’s not fun to talk about the same thing. It’s not necessary to be so deep thinker. It’s enough to be interested, different, new. What is normal conversation? About weather?

  2. Avatar of Ellie May McCann

    A mystery to unfold the maze that leads to ones soul , answers given to the seekers to the masters of questions I am told for they take the time to uncover to dig in earnest what makes a person who he has evolved into his story waiting to be told to those masters that take their time in another’s inner folds.

  3. Avatar of Alwin Allen

    how many of them think that age is just number am sad alone my life sucks my ex cheat with me no one is here for me am always alone and sad am looking for true women . Don’t think I am desperate it’s pain I feel like cruise

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