I Am Not Meant For You

I am not meant for you

I am not meant for you.
I am convoluted,
and unlike the others
you ultimately forget.

I cannot settle for boredom,
bland foods, pop music
or uninteresting people.
I will not listen to you talk ad nauseum about yourself,
finish any book which doesn’t make me think,
or keep company with anyone who isn’t trying like hell to
flip this world upside down
while turning themselves inside out.

I won’t waste time on small talk,
or avoid diving head first into painful and complicated things.
All things esoteric complex,
unusual, abstruse seem made for me.

you and I are not the same.
I accept people who do not care to accept me.
I welcome you into my arms,
but I will not apologize for being someone unpredictable.
I’m not here purely to be made sense of.

– J. Raymond

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