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I Am A Puzzle, I Have Yet To Figure Out.

Sarrvesh Waran 

I am a puzzle,
I have yet to figure out.
I am a maze
and I have to find the way out.
I am building myself carefully
piece by piece.
And until I complete myself,
I will not cease.
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Rinku Shah 

I was falling apart,
It broke my heart.
Piece by piece,
Robbed me of my inner peace.
Exhausted with this people pleasing,
I promise I will stop this appeasing!

Karthik Parthasarathy 

Building myself
Piece by piece
The whole puzzle – What it looks like?
Never know till I rest in peace.

Tanu Malhotra 

Piece by piece they broke me up.
Piece by piece I made myself up.
It is a constant game I play with life.
It knows my power to replenish myself, 
so it let’s the empty fill themselves up.
And for me, I am so full and contended 
that I can never be emptied.
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Anjana Surendran 

Riddle to be solved 
or puzzle to be cracked 
she set a bait of herself for destiny 
withering away from peace 
brutally murdering within 
into pieces.

Shubhra Singh 

I am not more than 
an organized whole,
Entangled by broken pieces,
Sometimes arranged well
But mostly, not.

Erna Duspara 

I am a puzzle
this is true
Scattered and lost
in the memories of you
Every piece was surely broken
But mark my words
I have now awoken

Kaitlyn Bell 

Every piece of the puzzle will crumble 
as I discover who I am. 
For every falsehood of my identity shattered 
reveals a truth in every man. 
We are all made from the same thing 
that which holds us all together. 
I now know that no matter what happens 
I can surpass any weather.
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Sabrina Campbell 

Pieces of Me taken away 
not forgotten for even one day 
those in the past and those today 
will always be held in that special way 
forever remembered and held in my heart 
those in the past have taken me apart. 

Shibatosh Kar 

Piece by piece,
Part by part,
She is falling apart.
And then she falls away completely.
To be resurrected again.

Ramya Raghuraman 

Shedding scales of fear and inhibition,
In the process of self realisation .
I will soon emerge from the dark space,
And live my life with grace .

Debra L Laing 

No matter what happens in life 
to pull me apart, 
I put myself back together again.

Ayemal Khan

Falling apart, 
piece by piece.
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