21 Signs That Say Your Husband Is Also Your Best Friend

Signs That Say Your Husband Also Your Best Friend

Being able to say, “my husband is my best friend”, is a special feeling. Marriages, where husband and wife are best friends, are the happiest. There are some lucky women, who, despite having many wonderful friends in their life, call their husbands their best friends. 

You might be wondering what are the ways you can make your man your best friend. There are many things you can do that draw you both closer not just as lovers, but also best friends. First of all, start communicating openly and honestly with each other. Try to find and engage in fun activities that you both enjoy. 

Now, coming to the question of how to identify if your hubby is your best friend,
here are 21 signs to help you find out if your husband is your true best friend:

1. You both share everything with each other.

When there’s some good news to be shared, you both break it to your spouse first. You both communicate well and enjoy telling each other details about your daily life.

2. You trust him more than anyone else.

Among the small number of people that you rely upon, your husband is the person you trust the most. You know if you share your secrets with him, he will keep them safe. You trust him above everyone else.

3. You enjoy playing pranks on each other.

You both love teasing each other and this keeps your relationship lively. You are always coming up with new tricks to play fun games with each other, and there’s a winner too!

4. He aggressively defends you.

Your husband is your biggest defender and protector. He always stands up for you, and you know he will protect you at all costs.

5. He loves you on your good as well as bad days.

His love isn’t only for the good times, he’s there for you on your bad days too. Your happiness is the most important thing to him, and on the bad days, he helps you overcome your troubles and regain your strength.

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6. You both love each other’s imperfections.

The best part of your friendship is that you both appreciate each other’s flaws. You both are matured enough to realize that nobody is perfect, and your imperfections just make you unique in each other’s eyes.

7. You are each other’s best adviser.

You both seem to understand what’s best for each other and hence, when it comes to taking advice, you both approach your spouse first. Both of you support each other and want to keep learning more about each other.

8. Both of you are good listeners.

Good communication is crucial for a healthy relationship. Because your husband is your best friend, he listens to you with patience and empathy whenever you need to be heard, and you reciprocate the same way when he needs it.

9. He’s not judgmental about the little things.

He loves you exactly as you are, along with all your idiosyncrasies. He doesn’t judge you one bit.

10. You both want to experience everything in life together.

No matter where you both go, you always crave for each other’s presence. You want to experience all the adventures of life with your partner beside you.

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11. He understands you better than anyone else.

There are no secrets between you both and you know each other inside out. Both of you believe that your relationship is a two-way street, requiring mutual trust and understanding.

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