How To Tell If The Zodiac Sign Likes You?

How To Tell If The Zodiac Sign Likes You

How To Tell If A Sign Likes You

Aries: How DONT you tell is the real question.

Taurus: Tries acting normal around you and fails miserably.

Gemini: Becomes your bff.

Cancer: Awkward and semi-tongue-tied.

Leo: Compliments you like way too much!

Virgo: Nicer to you than most people.

Libra: Makes you laugh or be impressed.

Scorpio: Wants a lot to do with you.

Sagittarius: Hangs out with you more (very hard to tell if they like you though, so beware.)

Capricorn: They’re shy but if you like them back, they won’t shut up!

Aquarius: They prefer your company over others.

Pisces: Bad flirting

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