How To Know If It’s a Karmic, Twin Flame, or Soulmate Relationship

Know Karmic Twin Flame Soulmate Relationship

As wonderful as they can be though, soulmate relationships aren’t always smooth sailing, you know. You don’t meet your soulmate so that they will make you feel comfortable in your life and make it a bed of roses. Your true soulmate is never going to feed your ego or try to appease you, just because you want them to.

A true soulmate will challenge you and make you see yourself for who you truly are. They will bring down all the curtains behind which you were hiding for so long, and make you see your self-worth. You might hate them for it sometimes, but all they want you to do is accept yourself for who you are.

Your soulmate cares about you the most, unlike a karmic lover who is only concerned about their own needs and motives.

Do you want to know the best part of soulmate relationships? Your soulmate does not just have to be a romantic partner always, it can be anyone. Your best friend can be your soulmate. Your mother/father can be your soulmate. Even your teacher can be your soulmate. Finding your soulmate is not always about romance, it’s about finding someone who will help you in your evolution and self-awareness. Someone who will show you your absolute truth.

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Twin Flame Relationships

Soulmate relationships can be truly eye-opening and life-changing, but it doesn’t even come close to having a twin flame relationship.

Twin flames have always been regarded as an urban myth, but as society is changing, growing, and elevating its consciousness, twin flame relationships are coming to the forefront more and more. A twin flame relationship is the perfect combination of both soulmate and karmic qualities, along with other qualities that further challenge your sense of self and ego.

When it comes to twin flames, you don’t just connect with them on a soul level, they are people with whom you share the same soul. It is believed that twin flames are separated from one soul at the beginning of time and then split into two bodies.

It’s like looking into a mirror when you come across your twin flame, and you realize that all the things that you were denying and running from for your entire life are right there in front of you. Your twin flame will drive you to face your fears and desires and push you to accept your true and authentic self.

Not every person gets to reunite with their twin flame, but if you do, then it will surely be the relationship of a lifetime. You will never experience a love like this twice, and if you get to meet them, then hold them close, and treasure them. Both of you might face many hurdles, challenges, and difficulties, but as long as you are together, you will be able to fight anything off.

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No matter what kind of a relationship you find yourself in, if your lover wants to move on from you, then let them. Holding on to a relationship that is one-sided will only end up hurting you more. Maybe they are not the one for you, and someone else is waiting for you out there.

You should always choose to be with someone who wants to be with you too. Someone who values you just like you value them. And most importantly, someone who wants the relationship as much as you do. When you truly love someone, you should always set them free, and if they are meant for you, they will ALWAYS come back.

If they don’t, then they will be one of the most amazing and beautiful lessons you will ever learn.

How To Know If It's a Karmic, Twin Flame or Soulmate Relationship
How To Know If It’s a Karmic, Twin Flame or Soulmate Relationship
Know Karmic Twin Flame Soulmate Relationship pin
Know its Karmic Twin Flame Soulmate Relationship pin

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35 thoughts on “How To Know If It’s a Karmic, Twin Flame, or Soulmate Relationship”

  1. I was told that flames are formless, and just about anyone can be a twin flame. But that for the relationship to be healthy, the falsehoods must first be burnt away.

    I think Soulmates are similar. Maybe gentler.

    1. (a psychic told me this. and I had a twin flame – kinda relationship with someone who had another twin they turned down, and now I have another twin potential in my life, according to an akashic reader)

  2. I met my twin flame.. horible ending… everything was going beautiful. Planning for our kids home and life then pow! Recieved a text telling me to move along my number blocked f~~k dat tein flame crap. I given up

  3. Thank you this resonates with me so much ….I appear to have been going through all of these things and know in my heart it will all work itself out for the greater good …

    A clear explanation …and much appreciated X

  4. I am strong believer in karma, I have already evolved with karmatic love, felt hardest to Let it go.. I don’t believe in so called soulmate twin love.. After going through karmatic love

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