How to Survive College Being Stress-Free

Whoever said that college life is easy is probably a genius or a superhuman. Simply because college life is not easy. Yes, you read that right. College life is not and will never be easy. There are tons of papers you need to write, hundreds of assignments you need to accomplish, and a myriad of new information and ideas you need to process. If there’s one word that could describe it, that would be “stressful.”

However, while all these may be true, there’s no need to worry because you can actually win over college. In what ways, you may ask. It’s quite simple. You just need to know the ways to beat stress. If you do them right, you’ll be able to defeat what they call a “stressful college life.”

In this post, we will provide you a list of guidelines prepared by Essay Kitchen that would help you reduce college stress. The advice for college students we have will surely help you in living a healthy and stress-free college life.

1. Take breaks regularly.

There are a lot of research which can prove that taking breaks in between study time actually helps student to be more productive. There are even studies saying that the maximum number of hours that the brain can process new information is only two hours. Thus, it’s very important for one to take breaks regularly. After all, it wouldn’t hurt that much if one stops for a while to maybe watch a show or a television series.

Taking a break reduces stress and gives more energy. When there’s more energy, one becomes more productive. So if you feel like your brain is already processing too much information, it would be better to stop first and do something that is not related to academics. You can either take a walk outside, read your favorite book, or just simply sit and drink coffee. This way, you’ll be able to handle college being stress-free.

2. Get a pet.

Animals are adorable. That’s a known fact. Some experts actually agree that they help in reducing one’s stress levels. They’re like babies, except that, one cannot have a baby while he or she is still studying. In such case then, it would be better to adopt a pet instead.

Dogs, cats, hamsters – whatever animal one’s pet is, they will surely take the stress away. When you play with them, you become happier and relaxed. And when you feel happy and relaxed, you’ll be able to study well.

3. Do your homework on time.

Accomplishing assignments is actually an easy task if one has a lot of time. Since they are take-home activities, one actually has all the chances to perfect them. As you know, almost all information about almost all general things is available on the internet today. Thus, when one’s given an assignment, he or she should take that chance to actually give it his or her best shot.

Once you get home, rest for a while. Watch television for maybe about 30 minutes or eat your favorite snack. After that, immediately open your notes and do your assignment so you can sleep earlier. This way, you won’t have to stress yourself the next day just because you were not able to finish it yet. Finish it early so you can rest early.

4. Time management is the key.

Hundreds of research studies have already proven it – time management is the key to studying well and living a healthy college life. When one has a schedule for all his activities and daily routines, it’s actually easier to accomplish things. All he has to do is follow what he has planned for the day.

To do time management, you have to outline all your tasks for each day. You can do it on a daily or weekly basis, but make sure that you’ll be able to follow your schedule. After outlining, write or put the tasks in your calendar or your planner. This method is best practiced when you have a planner or a notebook where all your tasks and commitments may be found. Once you have written them down, simply follow them every day to the best of your abilities. It’s also advisable to have a separate standard schedule for your everyday responsibilities. This way, you’ll be able to lend time for studying, leisure, and other commitments you have.

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