How to Create a Stress-free Bedroom?

Stressfree Bedroom

Your bedroom is the only place in your home where you can unwind your strenuous days. Therefore, it needs to be set up and maintained properly. You may not notice it, but small details in your bedroom can make a huge difference in creating the perfect vibes for your bedroom. Many people think of bedding as an ideal way to elevate the aesthetic appeal of their bedroom, however, its importance of functionality can’t be overlooked. And if your bed is missing out on this factor, offers a wide range of cozy, sleek, and super soft bedding to ensure you lead a healthy and relaxing lifestyle.

This is one of the many ways to start off with when creating a stress-free environment for your bedroom. If you’re interested in knowing more tips to make your bedroom relaxing, keep reading!

1. Get a Fresh Coat of Neutral Colored Paint

Bright colors like red, orange, or yellow can produce strong emotions and if your bedroom’s walls are painted with these colors, you should definitely refurbish them.

You should choose wall colors that are neutral such as beige, gray, white, or cream. Light green or blue colors can equally function well to help you create a calm environment for your bedroom, as they are said to help regulate your heartbeat and blood pressure.  

2. Declutter Your Bedroom

It may sound basic, but this is a crucial tip to help you bring positive vibes to your bedroom and, therefore, help you relax.

Declutter can cause confusion in your mind and can distract you from concentrating on a particular task. Not being able to accomplish a task can, in return, make you more stressed out and dissatisfied.

Therefore, you should tidy up your room more often and make sure you organize your items properly in boxes or drawers. You can also get the advantage of the under-bed storage and sell out the clothes or things that you don’t use anymore.

3. Utilize a Source of Scent in Your Room

If you utilize a source of scent in your bedroom, such as scented candles or essential oils, it will not only make your room smell fresh and lively but also help your nerves calm down.

You should opt for lavender scents as they come with several calming properties which signals your brain to feel relaxed and energized. You can also go for citrus aromas as they are ideal to combat the symptoms of anxiety as well.

If you don’t want artificial fragrances in your room, getting an essential oil diffuser would be your best bet, as it will boost your mood while promoting feelings of calm.

4. Place Plants or Flowers

Placing fresh green pots in your bedroom will not only help you bring a pop of vibrant colors into your room but also facilitate tranquility.

Plants are a great source of oxygen, and they can also clean the toxins from the air to help you breathe in the fresh air. They can also elevate humidity levels in your room.

It’s ideal to choose the ones that are easy to maintain such as aloe vera, lavender, cactus, succulents, or peace lily. You can also go for fresh flowers as they can bring in a lovely scent into your room and at the same time help you relax.

5. Incorporate Lighting  

Dark or poorly lit rooms can give a gloomy feeling to your room, while on the other hand, lighting can elevate your mood. That’s why it’s essential to incorporate the right kinds of lighting in your room.

You should totally avoid bright colors such as red or green, instead, go for warm hues of amber. In addition to this, you should invest in floor lamps or side table lamps to concentrate on certain elements of your room.

During the daytime, it’s best to focus on the daylight and draw out the curtains for maximum sun exposure. Exposure to sunlight is also a great way to lift your mood as your body will be absorbing Vitamin D.

6. Balance the Five Elements in Your Room

The five elements i.e., earth, water, fire, metal, and wood need to be balanced to ensure there’s a feeling of calm in your room. You can try to purchase and place décor items of each of the elements.

For instance, you can place a small fountain in the corner of your room and add some stones as well. You can also hang a wooden or metal piece of art. For the fire element, you can use an artificial fireplace that creates an illusion of fire, and add certain items in your room such as a rug or throw pillows in a similar color.

My Final Thoughts

Even the minor pieces in your bedroom can make a major difference in the appeal and vibes of your room. Therefore, you should opt wisely to make sure you create a sense of calm in your room. Taking out any electronic devices such as computers or TVs from your room can also help you stay stress-free and disconnected from any worries of the world.


Ellie Yantsan