How The Zodiac Signs Love

How The Zodiac Signs Love

Zodiac Signs And Love

Aries: You love like a sick skateboard trick.

Impressively, but with a constant threat of knee-shattering.

Taurus: You love like smell-o-vision.

You add taste and dimension to things that did not need it. Your love may not improve everything it touches, but it certainty makes it more memorable.

Gemini: You love like an abandoned basement.

You do so with far far too many rats.

Cancer: You love like a man attempting to perform surgery with a nintendo 64 controller.

You understand that sometimes its not about success, its about breaking moulds people didn’t even know existed.

Leo: You love like brain death.

Relaxing, in your own way.

Virgo: You love like a motivational speaker.

Hypnotic in your likeability, doubtful in your usefulness, but when has love ever needed to be useful?

Libra: You love like a man undergoing the transformation.

Acutely aware to an unsettling degree of your teeth.

Scorpio: You love like a sinkhole.

Patient, open, destructive in how all that stray into your life become a part of you.

Sagittarius: You love like a spectral locomotive.

Gentle despite your incredible speed, and with a belly full of ghosts.

Capricorn: You love like the endless void of space.

Broadly, quietly, and with only occasional explosions given your scale.

Aquarius: You love like an apiary.

Full of sweet hidden nectar guarded by swarms of stinging insects.

Pisces: You love like a body pillow full of snakes.

Confusingly, full of danger and strange motion beneath a slightly embarrassing skin.


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