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How The Zodiac Signs Are Actually

How The Zodiac Signs Are Actually

Aries: Not always angry until you piss them off. Needs a lot of attention. Wants to be loved. Controlling but very protective.

Taurus: Yes, they are lazy but very charming and knows how to start a conversation. Ambitious and materialistic. Very stubborn.

Gemini: Very charming people and master of mind games. Need attention more than anyone. Good at handling crazy situations. Very social and adventurous.

Cancer: Not always a cry baby. Very curious and very caring. Will never hurt you. Very intelligent and creative. But moody. Mother of the squad.

Leo: Kings and Queens. Very protective of their loved ones. Extroverts and entertainer of the squad. Very kind people.

Virgo: Not very social. Neat freak. Ambitious and very hard working. Wifey type. Knows a lot of shit and very versatile people.

Libra: Very adaptable. Very accepting and sweet. Romantic and charming and hard working. Very intelligent and happy people.

Scorpio: Actually a sweetheart until you piss them off. Very sarcastic and very ambitious. Hard working. Loves to love. Jealous and protective of their people.

Sagittarius: Very moody. Live in extremes. One time very happy and next second very vulnerable. Akward and clumsy. Very Honest and kind people.

Capricorn: “I don’t care” type of people. Ambitious and hard working. Mature exteriors outside but actually childish. Dry humor.

Aquarius: Very wise people. Very social and easy to talk to. Cool headed and can detect bullshit from miles away.

Pisces: Very dreamy. Very shy. And extremely intelligent. Looks innocent but have the dirtiest imagination. Cute and crybaby. Escape reality and isolated.

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