How The Zodiac Signs Act In The Car

How The Zodiac Signs Act In The Car

How The Zodiac Signs Act In The Car  


Taurus: Sleeping with a candy bar in their hand  

Gemini: Oh my gosh Aries we just started driving  

Cancer: Uh guys Taurus is asleep pokes Taurus  

Leo: Taking pictures of everyone and posting the while giggling  

Virgo: Ahh Pisces please take the wheel !! I can’t drive.  

Libra: Oh come on guys I’m trying to check my profile! Who is using all the wifi!  

Scorpio: Mumbles I’m gonna jump out the window  

Sagittarius: It’s ok! We will have fun after the drive is done!  

Capricorn: Sure Sagittarius sure, Aries shut up!  

Aquarius: You guys are gross  

Pisces: Ahh Virgo fine move!! Virgo moves and Pisces starts driving. Aries quiet talking.


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