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How The Signs React When They Are Jealous

how the signs react when they are jealous

How The Signs React When They Are Jealous

Aries: They become insecure. Expect an emotional roller coaster

Taurus: Won’t confront anyone until they’ve completely investigated the situation first

Gemini: They’ll straight up tell you they’re jealous and will want your reassurance

Cancer: They’ll bottle it up inside and just pout. Don’t underestimate them though, once they start to resent you they’ll never forgive you

Leo: They’ll go into a jealous rage

Virgo: They’ll become very suspicious and analyze your every movement. If you hurt them they may never trust you again

Libra: Tries to hide it until the feeling eventually goes away

Scorpio: They’ll get very emotional and try to get revenge

Sagittarius: Will never actually admit that they’re jealous

Capricorn: You’ll never know that they’re jealous because they won’t want to talk about it

Aquarius: They’ll just dump the person who made them jealous and move on

Pisces: If they don’t get enough attention, they will just slowly withdraw away


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