How teaching can boost your confidence?

How teaching can boost your confidence?

Being a teacher is one of the most “complete” jobs in the world. To be a teacher, you don’t only need to know about the subject that you are teaching about, you also have to know about communication: how to speak to people and how to communicate a message in an effective way. For example, you need to know what words and what tone of voice you should use according to the audience that you have in the classroom. You need to develop different strategies to make yourself clear every time you explain something. And you need to organize classroom resources and materials to explain. All of these skills and tasks give the teacher opportunities to boost their confidence, especially because they are doing a job that is constantly supervised by the customers: the students.

It does not matter if you are teaching kids or adults, because the job that you are doing is not something that you can fix after you do it, like a writer throwing drafts to the paper bin. When you teach and when you explain you have to give your best in the moment (like a doctor in a surgery) and you have to apply methodologies and strategies to teach the students. As teachers acquire practice and experience, they become confident people, and that is absolutely great.

So basically, teaching can boost your confidence because while you work, you have a free “Public Speaking” course the entire time. Here are some ways and reasons why teaching can boost your confidence:

  1. You will feel prepared to speak to people in any given moment because doing oral presentations is going to give you the confidence to speak and the practice to know how to do it. You will learn about the tone of voice and the words that you should use, the examples that you should give and the resources that you can apply to the class according to the type of students that you have (ages or knowledge about the topic). Faster than you think, you will lose the fear to speak in front of people, whether you are in the classroom, in a reunion or in a party with your friends. Forget about being the silent one at the party. Being able to communicate with people without fear is going to boost your confidence for sure. This is going to give you the opportunity to connect with people who can help you with anything that you need, and push you or your business in the right direction!

  2. Your capacity to organize everything will increase. As a teacher you will have to plan a lot and organize class materials, worksheets and other strategies to apply in class. This skill will work for any part of your life, and this is going to be a benefit for you in every aspect. You will learn to organize your money, your time, your ideas… You will be growing up!

  3. Your confidence to impose authority will increase too. Remember that teachers are the “head” of the classroom, the president, the queen, the king, the one who imposes the rules, and students have to follow them. If they do not follow your rules, they won’t obtain good grades and that’s going to give you a big advantage. This is going to make you remember your strengths and is going to show you how and when you can impose authority. Of course, you will learn some techniques to apply in your daily life and to stop being too “permissive” with the people around you: family, friends, job mates or your partner. Soon you’ll learn how to be a nice teacher and a nice person at the same time while you establish your limits with the people. Basically, being a teacher will give you the capacity to negotiate your own terms.

  4. Finally, even though you’ll have a lot of hard work and difficult students, you’ll be full of pure love, friendship and happiness because there are a lot of people who will appreciate the job that you are doing, whether you teach adults or kids. Love will give you a lot of confidence, because even though the most important love that you need to feel is the one that you have for yourself, the love that comes from others will fill a space in your life that cannot be empty if you want to be happy. The love that you obtain from your students and from your their parents will make you feel absolutely great, ever day.

Being a teacher is one of the better professions to increase your confidence. Of course, if you love working as a teacher and you will obtain better results. You can start with teaching something as a simple as ESL to English learners by getting a TESOL Certification. Don’t miss a chance start investing in your career at the same time that you invest in your daily life! Be a teacher!

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