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How Filtered Water Helps Maintain Mental Health

How Filtered Water Helps Maintain Mental Health

At some point in life, everyone’s bound to accept that there’s no easy way out of problems. One way or another, every last decision you’ve made will impact the rest of your life from here on out. Unfortunately, as you continue to grow older, the sheer quantity of these decisions will only continue to pile up until you’re left staggering from underneath. It doesn’t even include your responsibilities yet.

Because of these, it’s easy for your mental health to suffer. After all, it’s only a matter of time before you get crushed beneath all of that stress. Therefore, it’s only natural for you to seek ways to cope. Otherwise, you might be forced to put your life on hold since there’s nothing good that can ever result from poor mental health. Fortunately, experts have found ways to help improve one’s mental health, even some that only require little effort. In that regard, drinking water is the best example yet.

How Water Quality Affects Mental Health

For most living organisms, water has always been a necessity. Considering that the human body consists of 70% water, it’s a no-brainer why you need to drink water regularly. However, most people would claim that the reason behind it is to help with your bodily functions, such as providing refreshment after too much exertion, supporting digestion, smoothing away any skin problems, etc.

As you can see, the list of benefits of drinking water – especially filtered water – is already lengthy. Therefore, it’s easy to overlook the fact that water plays a huge role in a healthy mental state since it performs the following actions: 

1. Boost Hormone Production

Not many may know it, but water isn’t complete without oxygen. And that percentage of oxygen is primarily the reason why so many living organisms benefit from taking water. After all, they can’t function without oxygen. Humans are the best example of oxygen’s benefactor.

Whereas water occupies over half of the human body, oxygen can be found in every cell thanks to blood circulation. As you inhale, your blood shoulder the crucial task of carrying the oxygen you’ve taken to distribute it throughout your body. Doing so keeps your bodily functions running, which pushes you to live for another day.

Although your brain is only a large mass of tissue inside your skull, it won’t be able to function without oxygen. Once you deprive it of oxygen, the rest of your organs will fail one after another. To keep that from happening, your brain demands a lot of oxygen. Normal respiration might not be enough but drinking water can easily boost oxygen intake.

However, simply drinking from any source of water you see won’t be sufficient. Therefore, it’s best to ensure you’re enjoying high-quality water as seen from how alkaline water filters Australia and various other countries that utilize filtered water as well. After all, having every single last one of your cells oxygenated easily improves your body.

Since your brain is frequently nourished by high-quality water, it receives a generous amount of oxygen that should boost one of its functions: hormone production. These hormones are essential to your mental health since they’re the ones behind your emotional state. So, it’s safe to say that boosting hormone production greatly influences your emotions, especially with serotonin (or the happy hormone) in the picture.

2. Encourages Brain Activity

Besides hormone production, your brain fulfills multiple functions day in and day out. Unfortunately, due to how frequently it’s demanded, this mass of tissue is bound to crash the harder it pushes itself to the limit. With how busy your day-to-day might be, forgetting your basic needs isn’t that far-fetched. However, doing so can be damaging to your health.

Those who got dehydrated before would claim wholeheartedly that the sensation must be what dying feels like. Awful headaches, increased heart rate, and fatigue—are only some of the symptoms of dehydration.  Simply imagining how any of those feelings for a prolonged period is enough to fuel nightmares.

So, as much as possible, avoid getting yourself dehydrated by taking a well-needed break and drinking water in between. After all, you need to find a way to flush out the toxins you’ve accumulated from stress the entire time. Otherwise, they’ll continue to clog up the rest of your brain. By drinking high-quality water, those nasty toxins should be cleared up, which improves your focus as soon as you get back to work. 

3. Fuels Energy Production

Other than interfering with focus, toxins tend to drag your energy levels down so far that it makes it difficult to function unless push comes to shove. And it doesn’t help how toxins are often the culprits for those who can’t concentrate on the task at hand. However, once you consume a certain amount of water regularly, these toxins will get flushed from your system. Once that happens, you have one less problem regarding energy levels.


Water is essential in maintaining good health. However, what most people know about water is how it affects one’s physical health. Little did they know that regularly drinking water can even improve their mental health, especially if it’s as high-quality as filtered water.