How Do The Zodiac Signs Show Their Attraction

How Do The Zodiac Signs Show Their Attraction

How Do The Signs Show They Are Attracted

Aries: Makes the first move, direct approach.

Taurus: A lot of touching, gifts, possessive about you.

Gemini: Teasing, talks a lot to you.

Cancer: EmotionalIy open, nurturing .

Leo: Suddenly being protective, attention seeker.

Virgo: Show’s manners, being gentle .

Libra: Asks a lot of questions, is always with you.

Scorpio: Jealous, asks about you.

Sagittarius: Jokes a lot, talks about many things, spontaneous.

Capricorn: Eye contact, wants to talk about everything.

Aquarius: Hugging a lot, asks to hang out.

Pisces: Flirting, being supportive AF.

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