3 Signs You Are Still In Love and there’s no need to walk away

 June 03, 2017

Do you feel like you’re still in love and living the honeymoon phase of your relationship?

The frequent arguments, disagreements and lack of intimacy for several days have filled you with hurt and anger and now you have decided to finally walk away.

Maybe you should give it a second thought. The anger, frustration and your tears are indications that you’re still deeply in love with your partner.

With little bit of help and calm you can harness this frustration in your favor to rebuild the physical and emotional intimacy and bring your relationship back to life.


Signs you’re still deeply in love and what you can do to bring the love back in your life

1. Your partner is your best friend

The secret to a happy and successful relationship is being best friends with your partner. The comfort and understanding level exponentially expands when your partner is also your best friend.

Once you start getting paranoid about your relationship different harmful thoughts starts poisoning your mind, one of the biggest such harmful assumption is that being in love needs to be as exciting, passionate and intoxicating as it was in the beginning. Like many phases in life that was a phase in relationship, the romantic or the honeymoon phase which served its purpose and passed.

After certain time i.e few months or maybe a year it’s normal for the romantic phase to slowly fade out and the ‘best friend’ phase to jump in.

If your partner is your best friend, there is no need to walk away. You actually still love them and with little efforts and changes a more profound romance will be restored in your life.


2. There is lack of physical intimacy (little to no sex)

Emotional intimacy (love for you fellas) is necessary to enjoy lifelong sexual intimacy. While this holds true both for men and women, this is especially true for women.

If you want the sex back in your relationship, you need to bring the love back into your sex. sex is called ‘making love’ for a reason.

Okay let’s face it; satisfying a woman sexually is not a walk in the park and a according to a recent survey sex is more enjoyable to women in love. Love makes them let go their sexual inhibition and then sex becomes more satisfying.

Moral of the story, fix your emotional connections and your physical connections will be fixed. Don’t just fuck, make love.


3. You argue too much

This might sound baffling but arguments in a relationship are sign of love. If you didn’t love each other so much it wouldn’t even matter.

The best friend in you is frustrated right now which is resulting in lack of effective communication.

Your frustration and anger is sign of love. Learn to embrace each other’s emotional intimacy and the arguments and all other negativity will run towards the hill.

So how do we bring the sinking ship afloat again? You probably have read it many times already but it’s time you bring it to use in your life.

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