What Does Your Name Say About You? QUIZ

what does your name say about you

Do you know your name says a lot about you and who you will become? Your name has a hidden meaning and by decoding it you can change your life for the better. Here’s a quiz to find the hidden meaning of your name. 

Unlike the traditional importance of your name, hidden meaning refers to something that can be the driving force of your life. The essence of your name is at the very heart of your existence.

The power and significance of your name are unique to you and cannot be associated with anyone. What you do, why you do, your thoughts, ideas, intentions, passion and everything is ruled by your name. 

Because a person’s name and its hidden meaning appear to use a variation on research known as sound symbolism, which refers to the apparent association between particular sound sequences and particular meanings in speech. Known as sound meaningfulness, this method attributes meanings to individual sounds based on their emotional response.

As per the theory of “sound symbolism,” letters of the alphabet and the individual sounds can have different meanings based on how they are pronounced. It depends on how we feel about words and how we react to personal or brand names.

For example, words that share a sound have something in common. Like “gl” words for shiny things. – glisten, glory, glint, glitter. Again there are words that have the same sort of referent. For example – step, tap, tamp, stamp. Just by adding m before p, action has become more forceful. 

Similarly, a name with different combinations of vowels and consonants can have different meanings due to changes in individual letter sounds. It can be something more than you understand or realize. People with the exact same name is still not too common. With this quiz, you can find out the hidden meaning and things associated with (like freedom, tranquillity, imagination, curiosity etc.) all your names together.

The quiz is designed to have a series of questions and once you answer them, it will reveal the hidden meaning of your name. 

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What Does Your Name Say About You? QUIZ
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What Does Your Name Say About You? QUIZ
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