Hidden Agenda

Hidden agenda
Rinku Shah


Hidden agenda.


Sarying GD


For some, they call it 
ignorance and poverty. 
But for the others, they call it
political opportunity.
Clyde McCarty


Nothing is free
in a corrupt world


Rajeev K Singh


Not easy to differentiate between friends and foe,
They lure poor by their pomp and show.
Be agile and alert before its too late,
Protect your territory & shut the entry gate..




As he gets under,
We realize our 
massive blunder.
Sherry Greene


He pretends to be 
the benevolent benefactor
While undermining 
the underpriviledged.
And this is seen too often today.
Be one who starts 
a positive change! 
Rinku Shah


Beguiling the naive
Think before you receive,
Know who to believe
Or the shrewd will continue 
to deceive! 
Chinhita Bose – Chinchi


You allure me
only to uproot me

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