He trusts his logic

He trusts his logic
Evalagne Tayaotao

He trusts his logic.
She clings to her emotions.

Rinku Shah

Turn over let’s embrace,
We don’t need between us any space.
Why battle between logic and emotion?
Let go off your and my notion.
I love you…
And I know you do too!

Jaimie Mazzone

Allow your heart
and his mind
to intertwine!
Together you can create
a sacred union
where your eternal love
can never die.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Her brain turned him on
He was bowled over by her intellect
His heart turned her on
She was blown away
by his emotional connect
Together, they made a lovely pair
Breaking all stereotypes
Having no gripes
Living happily ever after.

Amanda Lablanc

Men may fall in love
with a woman’s brain,
but a woman will always
fall hardest for the one
with the kindest heart.

Shanlei Jelaine

He followed his gut.
She followed her heart.
She was the only thing
that’s keeping him sane.
That’s why he clings
tightly to his brain.
He was the very heart
that keeps her alive,
without him she will fall apart.
So she kept him close to her chest.

Sulekha Pande

Women are from Venus,
men are from Mars,
he has logic,
she clings to heart,
she thinks from emotion,
he acts from reason,
this is the cause
of all the strife,
all the gender wars.

Nuhrez Khan

And the reason for separation.
He thought
She felt.

Mel Melicor

As I cling towards
the expectations in my head,
you hide your heart
away from me.

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