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Happy In Love

Happy In Love

Everyone will tell you their idea of Happy In Love. You will hear that being Happy in Love is a romantic notion, a fairy tale that doesn’t exist.

Sometimes the stories and the ideas that you hear will be hard and sad. How being married or in love will hurt.

Whatever you believe or whatever is felt, happy in love is never truly understood and we can only learn and feel by what we have experienced in our own lives. There is so much to discover about love and what it means to be happy. And it’s not the fairy tales or the romantic notions that we hear.

Being Happy in Love is so much more. Its setting dreams, dreams changing, new dreams beginning. Love and Happiness are finding your match and knowing from the depths of your soul that he/she is the one. Experiencing good and bad, and sometimes worse than good is all part of the experience and understanding that you need to work and fight to keep the love and happiness strong.

There is no magical love story like you see in fairy tales, rather the magic is in growing old together and still being so in love then as you were the day you found each other.

It may even take a number of relationships to find the one because you weren’t quite ready for your perfect match.

Happy in Love is an experience beyond the physical emotion, it is the feeling you have when he/she is away, it is the feeling you have when they take your hand or the way they look at you. Being happy in love is how they pick you up when you are down, how they put your needs before their own just to make you smile. Happy in Love is Everyday working to bring the happiness with you even when you don’t think you can. It’s not always easy, especially when things seem to be crumbling in front of you.

Happy in Love has nothing to do with searching, there is no step by step guide and there is no simple way of ensuring that works out the way you plan it to. There is nothing easy about it.
There is no way of even knowing if you are happy in love. SO, why am I writing about happy in love, Well I’d like to think that I am learning how to be happy in love, I’d like to feel that my partner and I will be that elderly couple who have gone through their lives and experienced every magical moment with him and still feel the same way all those years ago.

When I was 20 I married for what I thought was Love. We had 2 amazing beautiful children, 4yrs later it ended. Please don’t get me wrong I loved him, it just wasn’t meant to be. 2yrs later my now husband walked into my life so unexpectedly. He walked in at a time that was very difficult for me. He stood by my side while I walked through the final stages of my previous marriage.

Over the next few years, I began to review my past marriage, I had let go of the hurt from it and began to see something very significant. And it wasn’t what I had expected to find. To this day I truly believe that I was meant to marry all those years ago.

I was meant to have our children AND I was meant to divorce because if I hadn’t experienced all that I had back then, I would never have opened the door to the love of my life. I would never have discovered what my Happy in Love would be. My life was meant to run the course that it has and regardless of all the tough times and the struggles, I can honestly say when I look into the eyes of my husband I can truly believe I found my Happy In Love.

There is so much more that I would love to tell you though I would probably end up writing a book lol. So please share this with anyone and everyone Comment below about your thoughts and experiences tell your story of Happy In Love.

Blessings to you all