Good/Bad Sides Of The Zodiac Signs

Good Bad Sides of The Zodiac Signs

Good/Bad Sides:

Aries GOOD side: Hardworking, Devoted, Charismatic, Generous,

Aries BAD side: Judgemental, Clingy, Obsessive tendencies

Taurus GOOD side: Sensual, Humorous, Appreciative, Reliable

Taurus BAD side: Hot-headed, Self-esteem issues, Worrying

Gemini GOOD side: Social butterfly, Caring, Creative, Witty

Gemini BAD side: Critical, Indecisive, Unstable emotions,

Cancer GOOD side: Sweet, Intuitive, Observant, Creative

Cancer BAD side: Cut-throat, Ghosting peeps, Stubborn

Leo GOOD side: Sentimental, Generous, Tenacious, Romantic

Leo BAD side: Moody, Demanding, Authoritative, Flirtatious

Virgo GOOD side: Modest, Considerate, Dedicated, Classy

Virgo BAD side: Selective, Repressed, Self-centered, Pettiness

Libra GOOD side: Humanitarian, Gentle, ADORABLE, Intelligent, Stylish

Libra BAD side: Wishy-washy, Gossipy, Dramatic, Playing victim

Scorpio GOOD side: Family-oriented, Passionate, Thoughtful, Indulgent

Scorpio BAD side: Misunderstood, Controlling, Manipulative, Skeptical

Sagittarius GOOD side: Friendly, Free-spirited, Hard-working, Honest

Sagittarius BAD side: Inconsiderate, Rude, Know-it-all tendencies, Self-criticism

Capricorn GOOD side: Grounded, Ambitious, Patient, Charitable

Capricorn BAD side: Bossy, Controlling, Sarcastic, Indifferent

Aquarius GOOD side: Humble, Friend-oriented, Independent, Unique

Aquarius BAD side: Aloof, Unpredictable, Detached, Moody, Angsty

Pisces GOOD side: Dreamy, Sweet, Artistic, Adaptive, Multi-talented

Pisces BAD side: Dependent, Gullible, Playing victim, Unfocused


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