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                                                    To the girl I love

               There was a boy..He was born in the winter..Long expected child to the big family.. People say he was born under the bright star(a rare light blue hair pigmentation)that reminded of a pulsar, bright and enormous extraterrestrial object in a galaxy.. At night he fell asleep with visions of himself, dancing and laughing and crying with them..He was not a popular one..He had a dreams of becoming a hero that will save humanity, but upon unfortunate series of events saw those dreams dashed and divided like a million stars in the night sky that he wished on over and over again, sparkling and broken.. But he didn’t really mind because he knew that it takes getting everything he ever wanted, and then loosing it to know what a true freedom is..When the people he used to know found out what he had been doing, how he had been living, they asked him why – but there’s no use in talking to people who have a home. They have no idea what it’s like to seek safety in other people – for home to be wherever you lay your head. Here is his story…



                 I think of it as a unique but not so wonderful story..Victim of violence and excessive fear he went through years of his childhood, affected him… He was used to violence, it became part of his life, bitter and lost he became..He was left alone when he was 11 to fight this world without support.. on his own.. he learnt to be alone, he had to….. He felt relieved when he finally got to live alone, away from humans, to find comfort in silence and studying, minding his own business away from everyone.. He found solace in exploring the world, seeking knowledge and the peace… And finally there it is.. a salvation for him!!Light at the end of a tunnel..  He got to meet Mirza. Mirza was a bit older, but boy never got time to be a boy..Mirza saw something is different with this boy..He felt it..Decided to love him, to be his older brother. Mirza was ready to die for him..Two of them were inseparable for long time, enjoying in each others company. Boy decided to find strength within heart he locked long time ago and let the love get into his heart once again.. but due to the fight over ideologies they two split..Seeking peace as teenager he got himself in trouble, he ended up in groups that were suspicious of  highly probable terrorist activity, even the national security is very aware off.. But somehow boy got out of it..His head was a mess but he got himself out of that vicious circle…. he bought some other books to read, philosophy…



               That changed the complete picture that was stuck in his head, all of those primitive aspects of religion and indoctrination, every little mechanism and piece had to be destroyed.. one by one…. Due to brainwashing was persistent for 4 years a lot of time was invested into this..He got himself out of the trouble before he turned 18…


                Hey lets not forget one thing! His buddy is dead! Yep…Victim to a war in Syria..Fighting the war only the boy himself would understand he was surprised with the news. Oh he will never forget that one…..His father came to visit him..While repairing the window that was leaking the water his father asked him ‘Oh you remember Mirza?.. He is dead unfortunately..Missile from attack plane got him..’ I guess you assume what happened next..
What is a boy left to do then run away? 


               Boy comes from multi-ethnical family of muslim’s which ancestors turned into forcefully because their grand-grandpa had defensive spirit.. so he attacked an ottoman officer while the one was collecting a tax…On his mother side there are orthodox christians. So there it is.. Another war he was going through, nationalism and hate between family members..Hate he did not understand since in his heart there was place for all of them…But to hell with it..always stuck in between.. right on the frontline….You see he never stopped believing, he never lost hope in humanity.. He wanted to help people! To cure them from their pain, to educate them and spread their view, broaden their perspectives so they can see humanity as one, and feel united under one flag. He wanted for people to be happy, to feel safe and loved because he knew how hard it is to live without those..

Since he lost his heart to this world, he focused strictly on mind.. Living in ‘meditation’ and peace at home, he had time to learn and think of everything… So I asked him a few questions and chose to share his answers with you here..

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