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Frequency of The Cat Purr

“Frequency Of The Cat Purr”
Did you know that cats heal bones!
House cats may actually be contributing to our physical well-being.
Exposure to the vibration of a cat purring between 20-50 hz increases bone density,
provides pain relief, heals tendons etc.
Russian athletes, for the Olympic team are known for their increased performance
when exposed to cats purring. They used a machine called “The Purr”,
tuned to the cat purring frequency of 50 hz.
Maybe, that is why cats have 9 lives!
– Jain 108

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Amanda Rose
Hey! I love reading quotes on the internet because I feel they are the best way to express your feelings without saying much. When I am not poring over quotes, I love to bake and play with my adorable pit bull, Max.
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