If You Have to Force It Leave It Alone: Not Everyone Deserves To Be with You

If You Have to Force It Leave It Alone: Not Everyone Deserves To Be with You

Learn to leave it alone if you have to force it because everyone doesn’t deserve to be with you.

Broken stuff is always mended if it can be, and put back to use. This is what we have been taught since childhood.

But, sometimes this cannot be the solution. What if it is more fruitful to give up on something that is damaged and look for something that can bring positivity in your life and is more suitable for you?

If You Have to Force It Leave It Alone: Not Everyone Deserves To Be with You

It is tough to let things go even when they have served their purpose in our life. People come and go in our lives and that is something we must learn as we grow, but we are brought up to believe that every relationship that ends is actually a loss.

We act under the influence of society and society makes us believe that losing a relationship that once meant everything to us will is an irreparable loss. Our friends and relatives expose us to varied experiences.

We learn through them how people can be and how they can disintegrate our existence with their negativity. Leaving behind such people is never a loss, instead of a welcome change and a new lease of life.

Recovering from a loss is extremely tough, but as time passes pain subsides and we gradually understand those people were not required in our life.

Only if we consider something as the loss it will affect us in that way. It is better to understand everything that happens for a cause, and the heartache and the pain are great learning experiences.

Gathering yourself and being reasonable enough to get rid of a relationship that was emotionally and mentally draining is the beginning of a fresh and positive start.

If you had a relationship that did not turn out to be the way you imagined, it is alright. If you had a bad experience there is no need to cling to the person just because you cannot deal with your emotions. Don’t be scared to imagine your life without a relationship that is not meant to work.

A bad relationship is not the end of the world. When it comes to the end, you need to realize that and move on.

When you are treated badly in a relationship continuously, it is not right to think you deserve it. If your instincts tell, you are not at fault, don’t overlook the message.

Emotions cannot guide you when you are dealing with a person who has the habit of hurting you at the slightest instance.

Don’t persuade yourself to be around undermining your own existence, instead, act on your gut feeling and choose the relationships that heal you and let go of the ones that are devastating you internally.

A toxic relationship needs to get over. Human beings are social animals and we meet new people as life progresses.

Instead of closing yourself from the rest of the world, look around and discover. Remember how frustrated and sad your past relationship made you feel, and how happy or content you feel now.

Life is too short to be surrounded by negative and worthless people. You may come close or grow apart in relationships. If a relationship does not make you happy, leave it as it is the best thing to do.

Don’t ever feel guilty of eliminating the negative influences from your life, no matter how much time you have spent with them and how many memories you share. Had they been good, you would have felt happy, not sad and broken.

When toxic people are around, we suffer from self-doubt, and the need to prove our worth in front of them is overwhelming.

One day you will be tired and you wouldn’t want to do it anymore. One day you will learn to put yourself first and it would be the best thing. But, do it fast instead of wasting your time where you don’t belong.

The lowest points in your life don’t define you, but the way you overcome them, do.

If You Have to Force It Leave It Alone: Not Everyone Deserves To Be with You
If You Have to Force It Leave It Alone: Not Everyone Deserves To Be with You


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