Foods That Boost Testosterone Level 


Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for sexual drive and sexual characteristics in men. But its role is not limited to that as it also provides many health benefits. It is responsible for muscle and bone health, and hair growth. It also plays a significant role in maintaining a fast metabolism and fat burn out. It affects behavioral trait and its optimum amount is usually associated with competitiveness in man. So it is necessary to add foods that boost testosterone level.


The hormone is also produced in women but in a very small amount. In women, testosterone is responsible for the growth and maintenance of reproductive tissues and bone mass. It also regulates mood and behaviors in women but its impact is considerably low as compared to its impact on men. In both males and females, the hormone is typically produced as early as the fetal stage but it is slightly higher in baby boys than baby girls. 

In boys, the production of testosterone peaks between the ages of six to eight years which causes a brief growth spurt and body hair growth. When the boys hit puberty, the production of the hormones surges which cause sexual development in males. The teenage in boys is characterized by muscle and bone growth along with voice deepening, body hair growth, and stimulation of reproduction capacity.

The production of testosterone is at its highest at the age of 17 in boys, and this increased level is maintained throughout the adult prime lifetime. While the decline in the level of testosterone has been reported to occur by the age of 40, some males may experience the same high level of the hormone throughout their life. However, some also experience fluctuations in the level of testosterone production that could happen due to diseases or problems of the pituitary gland.

The testosterone level can be easily restored to the optimum range by making some changes in your diet. There are specific foods that boost testosterone levels, some of which are covered below in the article. But be sure to take your physician’s recommendation before you plan a diet to increase your testosterone levels.


Eggs are a great source of consuming vitamin D which is highly important for testosterone production in your body. Revealed by a study, men who had a higher level of testosterone level were found to have higher vitamin D as compared to those who had lower vitamin D levels. 


Zinc also plays a big role in keeping your testosterone level in check. Having foods that have zinc in abundance would greatly impact the lower deficiency levels and will increase them to an optimum level. For zinc intake, you can eat oysters as they are rich in that mineral.


Red meat can be one of the best sources to increase testosterone level as they contain both vitamin D and zinc. So if you cannot afford separate diets for vitamin D and zinc intake you can easily increase both through one source that is beef. But make sure to consult your doctor first as eating too much beef is also associated with serious health issues.

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