Ever Love Someone So Much

Ever Love Someone So Much

Ever love someone so
much, you would do
anything for them?
then make
that someone

8 thoughts on “Ever Love Someone So Much”

    1. Fabiana Zeitter – I believe this puts us on the same 'level' as others – being kind can mean thinking of all others first… we need to put ourselves in this circle… we are clever enough not to hurt anyone by doing this… 😉 the happier we are, the more we can give to those we love… and perhaps they don't quite need us as much as we think they do…??

    2. Yes Janine Stranger. I learned this and changed a lot. But we mustn't lose the perspective either. I think also that there is a time for things. As the children grow we find more place for us and yes, they don't need us as before. I take my time for the things that make me feel good….but it is true that we women often feel guilty for many things….bad thing….

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