Embarrassing Things The Zodiac Signs Often Do


Embarrassing Things The Zodiac Signs Often Do

Embarrassing Things The Signs Often Do

Aries: Can’t hear what someone is saying and says “what” at least 10 times.  

Taurus: Stomach growls loudly when in quiet situations.  

Gemini: Forgets people’s names.  

Cancer: Sits on a chair that makes a fart noise!  

Leo: Gets caught in lies.  

Virgo: Talks to a group for 10 minutes before realising no one is listening.  

Libra: Accidentally spits on people while talking.  

Scorpio: Waving back at someone who they think is waving at them, when they happen to be waving at the person behind them.  

Sagittarius: Slips and trips constantly.  

Capricorn: Tells “funny” stories that no one ends up thinking is funny.  

Aquarius: Zones out in the middle of a conversation.  

Pisces: Walks the same way as someone who they just said goodbye to.

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