Do You Really Have Perfect English Skills? – Quiz

perfect english skills

Do You Really Have Perfect English Skills? Find out with this Quiz

English is a global language. So, in order to communicate in English, you need to have perfect English skills. You don’t need to be a grammar Nazi but you should have the basic knowledge of English for interaction purposes.

Do you ever have trouble making conversation with others even though you consider yourself to be a very intelligent person? If so, this may puzzle you. Read 8 Reasons Why Intelligent People Lack Social Skills

Do you have what it takes to be a champion of the English language? How strong are you at the game of vocabulary? You won’t find out until the end of this quiz!

Share your results with your friends and challenge them.

If you wonder whether you have perfect English skills or not, play the quiz. You will get to know how perfect you are.

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perfect english quiz

15 thoughts on “Do You Really Have Perfect English Skills? – Quiz”

  1. Avatar of Lynn Hash

    I thought it was funny and the underlying message is also great. In today's world of texts, media sites ex: Facebook, and emails, people have forgotten how to speak to one another much less write. With all the ebonics and acronyms not to mention 'auto correct' on their electronic gadgets, I often wonder if many actually know how to spell basic words any more. (LOL ) Of course, lets not forget each new young generation loves to come up with their own new language as well! (Do forgive my misspellings and grammer infractions, grammer police)

  2. Avatar of Jennifer Sebits

    Lol. Very funny. If that's all u got going for u then, by all means… Wave thy banner. Everyone has to have at least one thing to be proud of. Seriously. Personally, I'm very proud of the fact that I've still got plenty of love in my heart to hand out to my friends and haters alike. I'm proud that I can take all this continuous degradation, humiliation and constant harassment with a high head, sense of humor and without compromising who I truly am inside, regardless of what has been done to me. I'm taking my medicine with style. Are you? I'll correct all my grammatical deficiencies in due time. Not my biggest priority at the moment if you want the truth, tho. But you go ahead and be proud as punch of all that "Grammar Slammer" if that's the most important thing in your life. Everyone has their personal priorities and mine just happen to revolve around happiness, freedom, love, positive self-change and helping others to the best of my ability. To each their own. ❤️

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