The difference between relationships and union – By Rena Wells

The difference between relationships and union – By Rena Wells

This article has been breathing a life of its own, and begging to be written for most of my life.

Illusions surround us in every shadowed corner in our physical existence, and old belief systems around intimate relationships have been breaking for some time. We have all been birthed into a system of what a “healthy relationship” is supposed to look like, and in all honesty I’m here to say that this old paradigm suppresses the soul’s freedom of expression, because it is based around compromise. This isn’t wrong. We have many vibrational areas of evolution, and this type of compromise is still needed for some human’s on Earth. That’s fine! However, if you are pulled to this article, then I truly believe the old compromising relationship system no longer works for you, and you are now seeking a sacred union.

Let’s not get into black or white thinking here, let’s simply allow the energy from these words to sit and marinate into your energy field with no judgment. As most of my fans know, I’m not a sugar coating gal during the process, but I will provide all the candy you want after the delivery!

Shall we dive in then? Get ready! Some major walls are about to be hit with a sledgehammer!

As part of my mission, I knew at a very young age that I was good at seeing through the physical blueprint of relationships. As most people attracted to my spiritual guidance always wanted relationship advice. It boggled me when I, myself, had my own relationship issues! There was divinity at work at the time, asking me to align to my true partner, my twin flame, but I had much work to do internally before that came to fruition.

I identify as a lesbian, and knew of my sexual attraction towards women when I went through puberty at the age of 12. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, coming out wasn’t supported like it is now in Canada. I was very fearful of my deep emotions, and suppressed my truth for many years although I had a very clear vision at 18 years old that my Twin Flame was a woman. I continued to deny my feelings, and even married a man and followed the Earth’s blueprint of what relationships are “suppose” to look like. I was miserable, and knew on a very soul level that a “relationship” wasn’t what my soul desired, it was a divine union. The reason behind this is because “relationships” are laced with compromise, placation, and self-suppression. These elements then intricately weave their way through every avenue of the relationship and into the most intimate exchanges we have with our partners, and that’s sex. (I will save sexual relations for another article) This article isn’t about Twin Flames; however because of my divine union with the love of my life, I have been given a broad overview as to why so many humans suffer with love and intimacy. You can have a sacred union if both parties are spiritually willing, no matter if it’s your twin flame or not! If we get down to the nitty gritty there are 3 basic elements of our soul’s truest desires while in an intimate comradary with another human. They are:

  1. Unconditional Love
  2. Acceptance
  3. Understanding

These 3 elements are our soul’s core expression that is dying to be manifested through our physical body.

The current “healthy relationship” blueprint on Earth is based on the knowledge that we are all learning how to give and receive unconditional love, acceptance, and understanding, when in fact, that’s the illusion! If you can accept that you already know on a soul basis how to do these things for yourself, and for others, your perception will shift. If you believe you have to learn these things, then you will continue to have relationships because you will live your belief systems. When you live in your belief systems, you create a perpetual state of constant learning within your environment. You are here on Earth to own your power, not stifle it! To own your power is to clear and release the conditionings, and false belief systems you have absorbed as truth. Belief is a strong thing. If you believe you are learning the basic soul work of how to love, you will forever be learning. If you believe you already know how to love, you give true power to your soul’s energy.  Your magnificent soul and higher self already know how to love, because that is what it is made of! It is your human mind that has forgotten. Your heart knows. Trust in that!

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  1. Fantastic article! I am happily in a sacred union and you are right on point with how much emotional stuff that has been long suppressed has come up for each of us as we work through it together. It has had it’s painful moments, but as you stated – totally worthwhile. Thank you for this article in expressing this so well. <3

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