Detachment Is Experiencing Our Feelings Without Allowing Them To Control Us

Detachment is experiencing our feelings without allowing them to control us


Detachment is experiencing our feelings
without allowing them to control us.
We step back and look at things objectively.
We let go and accept what we cannot change.
We detach from others’ choices,
knowing that their spiritual work is not ours to do.
We choose how we will act rather than just reacting.
We step away from harmful cravings.
Detachment is a deep breath of peace
and patience in response to unexpected anger.
We can listen without losing ourselves.
With detachment, we see our mistakes
honestly make amends and start afresh.
Detachment allows us to be in the world but not of it.
It frees us to lead our lives with grace.

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  1. You are still young .This kind of thinking and being is more so realised later in life .The young are still attached to ego ,vanity and obsessions .The young are almost incapable of detaching from as they must remain attached long enough to learn their lessons .

  2. it’s not easy Cy, but with practice, detachment and love of yourself you will do it. It’s your life and many times sadly you learn it from your suppose family. Be patient, ground yourself on love and with time youll find your power and your inner peace

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