Dear Younger Me

Dear Younger Me

Dear Younger Me,

I wish I could hold your hand right now, just to feel those scars in your hands that you covered up, for none to see. I wish to listen to your little voice again, just to hear to telling yourself that everything will be okay, cause seeing these heartaches these days only rubs the salt deep into my wounds.

I wish for the nights you felt asleep within seconds after feeling the softness of your bed, compared to the tears these days at night when it’s due till morning and you can’t afford to sleep cause it’s almost time for work.

Where is the moments of being young again? Where are the moments when a girl couldn’t break your heart? Where are the moments when you dived onto the couch just to watch your favorite show? Dear Younger Me.

Find these things in yourself again and even if it’s just one more time, DO THAT WHICH MAKES YOU HAPPY.

Love.. (Treasured Moments)

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