Darkness cannot drive out darkness

We cannot change what happened however we can change how we react to it. With so much happening in the world, we always need to keep this in mind. If your reaction is anger and frustration and you choose to retaliate then you’re exactly doing what they want you to do.
Remember? “He who angers you, controls you.” You let yourself be manipulated and played as a puppet. You need to be in your senses see though all the Bullshit thrown your way.

[su_quote]“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, JR.[/su_quote]

The mass media is practicing ignorance and negativity and its really had to free your mind but its about time we realize that we are being played; their pawns helping them achieve their goals..

All these divide and rule strategies are meant to make us fight each other. When divided we are powerless and that’s exactly what they want. They don’t want you to realize how powerful you are, both individually and collectively. I appeal to you, to the conciseness and profound wisdom within you to remain peaceful and think on your own and defeat the ones killing us one by one by discarding their propaganda. Don’t fight for any case except for the human cause. It s time we be the change the world needs. With truth in your heart and fire to bring the change you can unite the nation to stand up against these crimes, Gandhi, Martin Luther King did that for us once.

When you look from outer space towards this planet, you don’t see Muslims or Christians or black or white or different races or even nations separated by borders, all you see is a planet where people kill each other for money, power, seeded hate. Decide for yourself, how long are you going to be the puppet they play, fighting each other and making them more powerful?

– Shamsir

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