Creating a Perfect Dreamspace for Your Child

Creating Perfect Dreamspace

The first place where your child’s creativity can blossom is his or her bedroom. Consider the following tips from Dragonsofwaltonstreet regarding a psychologically healthy environment for kids.

From the Age of Three 

Children are creative, and they learn through role-play and experimentation. Therefore, they need some objects to stimulate their imagination. Give your child something to get inspired by following a theme when designing a bedroom, for example, “Playful elephants” or ”Terry’s Soldiers” from Dragonsofwaltonstreet. There is a trend for hand-painted furniture allowing children to source inspiration from cute images.

Also, a bedroom is often a playroom. A carpet made of natural materials on the floor makes playing on it more pleasant. Make sure the playing area is somehow separated within the bedroom. Having days full of experiments and excitement, children have a need for rest and safety in the evening. A child’s bed must be a safe place while also being solid enough to withstand a fuss usual for kids of this age group. 

Primary school children

Space plays a bigger role than before because the kids have more and more books and toys. To prevent the chaos from spreading, it is wise to expand a storage area with more cupboards and shelves. At the same time, the children need an open space complemented with a long and low sideboard to present collected treasures or self-designed artwork. The children love loft beds because it gives them a good overview while the area underneath can be used for other purposes. 


Bedroom furnishings should stay child-friendly, with an opportunity for your child to rearrange and repurpose the furniture. Overloading the room with stuff that attracts little attention is counterproductive. The best thing to do is to create a place for independent learning with an appropriate table, lamp, and ergonomic chair. Growing children often change their interests, so you need to allow them to transform the room according to their needs.