Choose an Eye Quiz: The Eye You Choose Has Something Special To Say About You

Choose an Eye Quiz

6. I’m an Enchanting Soul

Enchanting Soul

You magnetize others around you with your enigmatic and mysterious personality. Your aura radiates arcane wisdom and secrets. You are always noticed (even though you don’t realize it) as your energy is so intense.

You have to learn to become more confident. You should discover the truth, that you are a unique being with so many powers hiding underneath. Learn your powers, find out more about what is lurking in you. You should probably try to see your past lives. This might be the key to unlock all this intense power.

Moreover, you should stop being on defense and learn how to go out and reach for your dreams. You can have whatever you want. The only thing you have to do is believe in yourself and reach for it! You are so powerful!

7. I’m the Night’s Sentinel

I'm the Night’s Sentinel

You are a master of disguises and keeper of Wisdom and sensitive information. People who choose this eye love to watch and notice how others react in certain situations. You know how to create illusions and how to “play” in relationships. Although you are sincere, you don’t want other people to know everything about you.

You love to give them a reason to discover more about you. You acknowledge yourself as a prize that one can win if they are brave enough. You set the bait and wait if your “target” reaches for it. S/he may have to walk into your “dark corridors” but what miracles will they discover if they do!

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You have so many treasures hidden inside your heart. The one who is brave and wise enough to look into “your night” will be rewarded with the privilege to have you as a soulmate and guide.

Did you choose an eye? What’s special about you? Comment and let us know.

Source – Magical Recipes Online

Choose an Eye – See what it means
Choose an Eye – See what it means
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