Best Zodiac Couples I Have Known

Best Zodiac Couples I Have Known

Best Zodiac Couples  

Virgo and Aries: I think your energy goes so well, Virgo is naturally irritated by mercury, always in a stress and Aries will be just as same as you, with the influence of mars you two should be a very powerful couple

Gemini and Virgo: Both ruled by mercury, you two are very aligned and very caring with each other, you’re supportive of each other and is a great couple, Gemini will not let Virgo be as shy as they naturally are with them and should be very light and fun

Gemini and Scorpio: Gemini brings the excitement the Scorpio needs, you two are very thoughtful and have a immense natural chemistry, Scorpio balance the airy Gemini with their intensity and passion and Gemini always entertains Scorpio making you both never bored and a great company

Libra and Capricorn: You two look so cute together I love it, you both have manners and are so polite and elegant like a couple in a disney movie. You know the value of respect and are always down to please each other

Aquarius and Scorpio: This is more personal because goes against most of beliefs but I feel like your energies aligned together, the thoughtful Aquarius amazes Scorpio and Scorpio profundity enchants Aquarius, you both are cold and sensitive at the same time


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