Be Careful Who You Trust…

be careful who you

Be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel.

Ziad K. Abdelnour

29 thoughts on “Be Careful Who You Trust…”

  1. We’ve all heard bad evil people use the the excuse “God told me to do it!” or “An angel came to me in a dream and told me God wanted me to do it.” What if this really happened? Only it was just another case of the devil being in disguise? People have to remember the devil is actually a fallen angel who’s name is Lucifer. What if he still has the ability to look like an angel?

  2. yes he was an angel, a beautiful one, and he convince a lot of spirits and they become the demons, the others we got born with a body, but we all here in the earth

  3. Please correct me if I’m wrong – I mean that – but the satan is an angel – “the accuser”.. the devil was created by religion to scare us. Demons are another matter but “the devil” as the church explains him does not exist.

  4. The devil is still an angel, he just has his own opinion that disagrees with other angels so they lie and make him out to be evil. What you see depends on your perspective.

    1. Since his own opinions include hurting others, including defenseless children, women, animals and those who are either sensitive, gullible, naive assigned to be victims of people who follow the devil and thus do evil to others, his opinions suck! Anyone believing his perspective is healthy, right, proper, simply an alternative perspective has some serious issues too. A tendency to oversimplify serious shyt.

    2. So what did the church did to men, women, children over the past 2000 years? didn’t they burn innocent women for witchcraft just because they stood more close to nature and had another view of life? or how about those christians who slaughtered innocent women and children and men in the middle-east during the time of the crusades in the name of god? just because they had an other religion. How about all those people who hypocritical go to church on sunday to pretend to be a good christian and all the other days behave like a monster. Don’t get me wrong I do believe in Angels and ask for their help when in difficult situations. The thing I want to say is that each and every soul makes a mistake in his/her life but do we have to suffer for that all of our life? I seriously believe that the one way/tool to destroy evil is the way of love and forgiveness like Martin luther king said:

    3. I just want to add…please all of you research why devil was banished and what were his views and opinions… 😉 if any of that was true of course…. but it’s still an intetersting thing to research 🙂

    4. The devil was cast out because he didn’t want humans to be punished for their sins, the Christian God with all his compassion decided that the best punishment for his highest angel wanting all humans to experience paradise was to cast the highest of all angels into a pit of despair and will only let him return to his heavenly throne is to be completely crushed in a war that would last eons.
      No body ever credits the light bringer with his true purpose, the purpose that only one of God’s angels was strong enough to fulfill, the angel created to be the most holy of holies below only good himself, that role is to be the darkness that defines the light. In gods great compassion the punishment for wanting us all to experience eternal bliss was to be responsible for creating the opposite.

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