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Aura Colours For The Signs

Aura Colours For The Signs

Aura Colours For The Signs  

Aries: Clear Red
Powerful, energetic, creative, passionate  

Taurus: Deep Red
Realistic, active, strong will power  

Gemini: Orange
Vitality, good health, excitement, outgoing  

Cancer: Light Yellow
Optimism, hopefulness, excitement  

Leo: Yellow or Green Creative in heart, communication  

Virgo: Turquoise
Influencing, calming, organised, energised, healing  

Libra: Blue
Cool, calm, caring, loving, sensitive  

Scorpio: Soft Blue
Peace, clarity, truth  

Sagittarius: Bright Silver
Nurturing, receptive to ideas  

Capricorn: Indigo
Visual, intuitive, sensitive, deep feelings  

Aquarius: Violet
Spiritually achieved, intuitive, artistic, individualistic  

Pisces: Bright Pink
Love, tender, affection, compassion


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