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At The End Of Each Day

At The End Of Each Day

At the end of each day, just before you go to bed, take about 30 seconds to look out your window at the stars- remember your place in this world, don’t let yourself get lost in it.  Remember that somewhere out there in this world, somebody loves you, and there is atleast one person that’s out there dying to meet someone like you.  Yes, you; with your frizzy hair, or big nose, glasses, not-so flat tummy. With your awkward smile, embarrassing laugh, and that sense of humor that you think no one could love.  You are a wonderful person and you have the potential to go so far in life. Don’t let the way others judge you, affect the way you judge yourself. Don’t let your mistakes and past define you, don’t let anything hold you down.  You’re an amazing person just the way you are; there is no need to change for anyone but for yourself”

– Unknown


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